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Design for all

We are giving everyone access to inspirational and personal design by breaching the gap between idea and product.

Through 3D printing, we have created a direct way from idea to market, allowing small designers, producers and marketers to build their dream.

By allowing design for all, we provide our customers with a unique blend of upcoming products and ideas, creating space for exposing your design.

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Fair for all

We believe in fairness between all involved parties!

Fairness matters- just ask our customers! Just like the product is always made to order, everything surrounding it is kept simple and transparent.

We optimize all processes to the benefit of the people involved, thus keeping our overheads low ensuring best and fair prices

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Sustainable for all

Lili Lamps is a new breed of super sustainable products, where every phase of its life is designed to be biofriendly.

It is designed for production to order locally and save emissions and materials – even the hardware is bought locally.

All materials can be repurposed several times. And when it is finally time to go, the plant-based materials will degrade in industrial compost.

Be a part of our future

And how is the product?

We do our very best for you to experience just how personal and essential every sale is to us, no matter where you live. Here are a few thoughts from our fantastic customers, and you can find more on my Etsy site here. 

"the most
beautiful lamp"

Isobel, United Kingdom
Swirl Table Lamp in Copper and Black

“This is the most beautiful lamp. What doesn’t show in the photos is the texture of the shade which almost shimmers. There is a beautiful perfection in the simplicity of the design of this lamp. I really appreciated the personal touches in the wrapping […] Thank you.”


Angellinah, Denmark
Swirl Pendant Lamp in White
“Really wonderful lamp in great quality which gives a cozy atmosphere in my home. Super service and communication from the seller also!”

"a wonderful

Alison, United States of America
Lili Wall Lamp in White

“[…]This Lililamp is perfect! I was able to attach it with command velcro because it’s so lightweight. Allan was very helpful when there was an issue with the bulb and the dimmer. He went out of his way to quickly get me a compatible bulb. This is a wonderful company and an excellent product.”

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A lot is happening with Lili Lamps, and we would love to invite you into our expanding, crazy world, where design is democratised, everyone gets a fair share, and every product leaves the world brighter.